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Karen Allen and Natalie Portman
(Karen Allen and Natalie Portman)

Head on over to Cinematical for a description of comments Karen Allen made after the Friday night screening of Raiders Of The Lost Ark at the Paris Theatre in NYC. We were at the Saturday night screening where someone asked a similar question about whether Allen would be involved with the supposedly upcoming fourth installment and found her answer and comment about the possibility of Natalie Portman being cast as Indiana Jones’ daughter to be much less committal. She said she’d heard many of the rumors going around, including the ones that both she and Kate Capshaw might be asked to appear. She continued, saying that she had not been approached by anyone about it, but that she’d also recently heard a rumor that Natalie Portman was being considered to play a possible daughter character. She then said that the previous night’s screening had been her first occasion in quite some time to watch the film and she’d made an observation about the scene on the freight ship before the Nazis recapture the duo along with the ark:

Her character is seen waking up in bed as Harrison Ford is getting dressed and she appears to be without clothing beneath the blankets as she pulls her slip from behind the bed to dress herself, a smile across her face. According to Allen, she’d either forgotten or had just realized that this scene might infer that the couple had “had a wild night.” She then speculated that, if the rumors about Portman were true, it might make sense that this could be seen as the possible moment of conception for the character.

To be clear, Allen framed all her comments as rumors and her own speculation. Who, knows, though? Maybe she knows more than she could let on and felt she’d been too forward the previous evening and had made the decision to soften her comments at the second Q&A. Maybe not, but either way, she was a wonderful and gracious speaker and we’d love to see her play Marion Ravenwood again. And, we have to say, casting Portman as her daughter would seem to be a rather sound decision.