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(Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson in Clerks II)

If someone woke up from a coma and looked at a listing of movies opening this week, they’d likely know right away that it’s Summer. We’ve got the effects-laden Ivan Reitman film with current hot actors playing broad comedy: My Super Ex-Girlfriend. We’ve got the computer animated family film hoping to hit it big with all ages: Monster House. And, of course, we’ve got a picture by a director who rarely releases anything during any other season: M. Night Shyamalan with Lady in The Water.

We even have a sequel to a wildly popular movie that anyone laying down odds would have thought was a bad idea to make. So who would have thought that Clerks II would end up being the movie with perhaps the best hype going into the weekend? It’s been receiving much better than expected reviews and word of mouth since making a bit of a splash at Cannes, so we’re quite surprised to find this being the best bet for the weekend.

Also Opening:
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Mad Cowgirl
The Amateurs
Been Rich All My Life

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